Baby Steps

Working my way through my 101 List…

I’ve been able to check off the Top 3 from the AFI top 100 movies of all time list. (And actually, instead of just watching the 100 from the original list, I’ve decided to watch the ones that appear on the 10th anniversary list as well… didn’t want to discriminate.)

So now Citizen Kane, The Godfather, and Casablanca can be checked off the list. I can’t wait to read up on Citizen Kane and find out all the ground-breaking filmmaking techniques that were apparently used in its production! And, despite its violence (because really, has violence ever put me off to a movie? I love war films and mob movies!), I really enjoyed The Godfather. Who knew Al Pacino was so damn attractive when he was young?! I’d seen Casablanca once before, with my friend Trish. She was astonished that I hadn’t seen it, so she brought it over and we watched it back when I was still living on Roosevelt Island. Ahh, memories…


One Response to “Baby Steps”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Nice! I really need to start working on my movie list too! 🙂

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