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101 things in 1,001 days

Today is my brother’s birthday. It’s also 9/11, a day of reflection and remembrance. But rather than focusing on things past, I want to take that energy and move forward, striving to be the best version of myself that I can be. So I (with Tracy’s inspiration) will be working to accomplish each item on a list of 101 goals, to be achieved in the span of 1,001 days. You can find more info on the website – Day Zero Project.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Start Date: September 11th, 2009 (my brother’s 28th birthday!)

End Date: June 8th, 2012

01. Visit 3 states I have never been to before
02. Visit 5 countries I have never been to before
03. Drive the length of Route 1 along the coast of California
04. See a volcano while visiting my aunt and uncle in Hawaii
05. Visit King Lake for at least one week total
06. Visit Maine in autumn to see the changing colors of the leaves
07. Explore 5 neighborhoods in NYC I have never been to before
08. Go to Montauk (finally!)
09. See what all the fuss is about for at least one of the following:
         Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons, Nantucket

Food and Drink
10. Take a bartending class
11. Learn to cook Grandma’s curry recipe
12. Bring lunch to work for one month straight
13. Sign up for a 5-Day Blueprint Cleanse
14. Learn about spices and how to cook with them

15. Incorporate avocado into my diet
16. Go vegan for one month – twice
17. Get produce from the UN farmers’ market once a month
18. Go soda-free for 60 days
19. Get produce from the Union Square farmer’s market once a month
20. Try 4 different vegan restaurants
21. Make old-fashioned ice cream from scratch
22. Host one small dinner party

23. Reduce my credit card debt by at least 75%
24. Close all but one or two credit cards (not including store cards)
25. Pick up a part-time job to supplement my income
26. Start a change bank and see how much money I can throw in there in 1,001 days
27. Put at least 5% of each paycheck into a 401(k)
28. When waitressing, set aside $1 bills from tips and see how many accumulate

29. Fill a standard notebook with story ideas, one per page (sheet)
30. Take the GMAT and score 700 or higher
31. Learn a foreign language enough to travel to the country
32. Read 100 new books
33. Take a class at a local college to learn about something new

34. Complete my script for the film submission and shoot it
35. Apply for the MBA/MFA program at NYU
36. Have a big rummage sale in New Berlin to purge excess stuff
37. Write my feature-length screenplay
38. Take a writing class/seminar
39. Read 25 screenplays
40. Take an acting class
41. Write a short story and submit it to a competition 

42. Take at least 5 voice lessons with Katy
43. Learn to play at least 3 songs on the guitar
44. Attempt National November Writing Month
45. Sing in public at least twice
46. Go to at least 4 different museums
47. Attend the ballet
48. Attend the symphony
49. Attend at least two Broadway shows each calendar year
50. Watch the AFI Top 100 movies
51. Attend 2 poetry readings
52. Go to 4 art galleries
53. Stage manage at least one show

54. Get involved with a spiritual community/church
55. Completely unplug for a day – 10 times
56. Delete online accounts that I do not use
57. Get all dressed up and go to dinner and a show by myself
58. Make a habit of washing my face before bed
59. Wear makeup to work every day for a month to look more polished
60. Attend a spa/health getaway weekend retreat
61. Go to at least 3 therapy sessions with a psychologist/psychiatrist

62. Complete a 10K
63. Complete a half-marathon
64. Complete a full marathon in the US
65. Complete a full marathon somewhere outside the US

66. Attend Bikram Yoga class at least 15 times on the 30-day unlimited pass
67. Do 100+ crunches at least 3 times a week, even when I don’t feel like it
68. Drop a minimum of 3-5% body fat
69. Join a running club
70. Attend at least 10 dance classes
71. Be able to do the splits all three ways
72. Complete enough NYRR events in 2010 to qualify for the 2011 ING NYC marathon
73. When home, go to the gym at least once a week
74. When traveling, fit in at least two workouts per week
75. Rejoin BearCat Masters swim team
76. Go biking with a friend at least 5 times

77. Learn how to and go scuba diving

78. Go hiking in 5 different places
79. Go whitewater rafting
80. Try downhill skiing, if only on the bunny hill!
81. Go cross country skiing somewhere in New England
82. Learn how to and go snowshoeing
83. Try rollerblading

84. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project

85. Grow my hair out and donate it to Locks of Love
(or a comparable program)
86. Volunteer 50 hours
87. Rekindle an old friendship
88. Participate in a charity run
89. Make time to catch up with Jackie
90. Send 100+ holiday cards, each with a personalized message
91. For the holidays, write a sonnet for each person I support at work
92. Assist with at least 2 programs for the Jeanie Bird Foundation
93. Read aloud to a child at least 5 times

Cleaning and Organization
94. Organize my important paperwork into a folder system
95. Create a system to organize knick-knacks and miscellany
96. Get rid of all magazines that are more than two months old

97. Do not buy household/body care items until back-stock has been used
98. Clean out and reorganize my desk at work
99. Pare down my wardrobe to essentials and accent pieces

This Project
100. For every item not completed, donate $5 to a charity

101. Make a new 101 in 1,001 list

I’ll update you on my progress as goals get checked off the list! 🙂


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