Big Day in the Big City!

Today I got an application to apply for my temp job (which I’ve held for a year) as a full-time employee. Which means I’d finally be legit! All I need to do now is fill out the 23-page application, sign consent forms for several different background checks, try to reconstruct my employment and residence history, and take (another) drug test. You’d almost think I was applying for the FBI! But if it gets me paid holidays, I’m all about it. 🙂

Things that make me happy: “Angelo Rosenbaum,” a song on one of the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS CDs from a few years ago, sung by the cast of the Lion King. The story is that the guy (Angelo Rosenbaum) was raised both Catholic and Jewish and is having difficulty finding a partner who respects and celebrates both religions and cultures. It’s clever and quirky, and highly recommended!

Also, I really enjoy pink grapefuit sorbet. My brother and I were reminiscing about the grapefruit sorbet we had at a restaurant near the Kohler showroom in Kohler, Wisconsin. Made fresh on site. YUM! It still makes me smile to think about it, and I wish I could have some right now!

On the horizon – AUSTRALIA! Only for a week (I seem to do a lot of super short long-distance trips… not sure what that’s all about…), but it should be excellent and I can’t wait to see Sydney! Anyone have suggestions of things to see or do there?


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