Life Plan, Take 204

Okay, I know my plans in life can seem a little scattered to all those who aren’t tuned in to my thought process, but I’m pretty excited about my latest inspiration – I found out that NYU has a dual degree MBA/MFA that’s geared toward producing films. Would that not be perfect for me?! Which means I have the next 8-9 months to get my ass in gear and bolster my resume and take the GMAT. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Today is shaping up to be another semi-productive Sunday. This is always the case with me – I start off strong, doing laundry and getting started on some cleaning… then I fizzle out and lose momentum before I make any drastic progress. But I guess there are worse things in life, right?

I’ve been looking into some semi-shady options as a second job. And yet I’m kind of excited about them… is that weird? 

Goals for the week: Paying my overdue book fee at the library, checking out a GMAT prep book, checking into a couple possible places to work on the weekends, finding one or two places to volunteer at least once a week, reconnecting with a couple old colleagues, going to the gym at least three mornings this week, and downloading at least two songs on iTunes that make me smile. A good start, right?


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