Rollercoaster… Of Life…

Earlier this evening, I was talking to my buddy/former roommate/awesome comedian friend Chris O’Neill and offered the following thoughts on life, given my recent string of experiences:

Lessons of life: 1.) Guys SUCK, 2.) Never give anyone money for anything, 3.) Even nice guys will turn out to be assholes, 4.) Being nice never gets you anywhere, and 5.) stress and a SHITTY excuse for a relationship are the best diet ever.

A bit more jaded than my normal self, I’ll admit, but all things considered I think I’ve remained relatively optimistic. I have my days when I want to crawl in a hole and disappear (last night was definitely one of those times), but I still know how to smile and laugh at the absolute absurdity that is my life. Hopefully that counts for something, somewhere.

But, when things get rough, someone amazing always re-emerges or enters my life for the first time and infuses just enough sunshine to keep me going a little longer. Despite the absolute disaster that was my night last night, it was not a complete loss. Earlier in the evening, I got to reconnect with my fantastically talented writer/director/producer/indie-filmmaker/singer/actor friend Mickey Fischer. (Check out his work – he has some GREAT projects through his film company, Leo’s Pride Entertainment –, and look for the in-progress film, Autumn Mix Tape!) Anyway, Mickey is a fabulous teddy bear, super nice, very supportive, incredibly wonderful friend, and he helped me put together a video to submit for the job in Australia (thank you Mickey!!), and let me ramble about life for a LONG time. (Have I mentioned he’s awesome?) It was so great to see him again, and just nice to… vent, and unwind, and talk to someone who really took in what I was saying, Mickey, you rock. 🙂

I seem to have some kind of undesirable talent for getting rejected, blown off, and stood up. Three different guys in the past couple weeks. Nice, right? So after years of this, I can’t help but wonder – is it me, or is it my choice in guys? Do I just invariably find myself attracted to guys who do things like that, or do I drive them to such behaviors? Hmm… maybe it’s something we’ll never actually know for sure, like the chicken/egg thing. Haha.

Okay, enough rambling for one night. I’m tired and thinking about bed soon… yes, I realize it’s only 8:00 pm, it’s just one of those nights. More soon!


One Response to “Rollercoaster… Of Life…”

  1. Katie Piekarski Says:

    it’s not you… Men are stupid. Hence the whole even if they are nice they will turn into assholes. They don’t appreciate women the way they should.

    You are fabulous! and it does matter somewhere. Here. Where your friends are!

    much love!

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